Zoofari 2019
What a night! 


Zoofari Gala 2019 – Back from the Brink was a huge success.

We were delighted by the goodwill from everyone that attended the event, and this year we are pleased to announce that we raised over $450,000 for our priority conservation projects in Australia, in particular our renewed focus on koala conservation projects.

The funds raised at Zoofari 2019 - Back from the Brink, have been put to work in allowing Taronga to restor hectares of primary koala habitat, provide medicine and treatment to injured koalas in our Wildlife Hospitals and ensure that we have the specialist staff to support our breeding koala mums.


We could not have achieved this without the generous contributions from our guests, supporters and event partners.

A big thank you to our Zoofari 2019 event partners: